Beautiful, practical, custom UX templates
to download for your next project.

I've been asked by fellow UX/UI Designers to share my templates with them. They've told me my tools are clear, simple, and effective. I've decided to create a package to share for inspiration or download for aspiring designers who are interested in using custom made UX design & research templates. If you're interested in purchasing the UX Research Template Kit I, email

UX Research Template Kit I features:

  • 1 Figma document (.fig)
  • Minimalist & Modern Design
  • 8 different Templates
  • Smart Object for easy customization
  • RGB Colors with fully customizable layers
  • Standard Desktop screen dimension
  • Well organized and named layers
  • Professional perspectives
  • Competitive Feature Analysis
  • Lean UX Canvas
  • Lean Survey Canvas
  • Market Positioning Chart
  • User Persona
  • User Journey Map
  • MoSCoW Method
  • Affinity Map
Lean Survey Canvas
MoSCoW Method

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